• Reinforced
  • Premium Disposable
  • Classic
  • Disposable
  • Dental
  • Mini
  • Thumb
    • Secure “Classic” Ribbed Grip

      The ergonomic premium handle with a classic-ribbed grip and finger cradle provides stability and control for both left and right handed users even when making long incisions. Provides clear view of the surgical site.

    • Sharp, Durable and Strong Blade

      Highly controlled sharpening and heat treatment processes
      ensure consistently sharp, durable and strong blades.

    • Safety

      Free from phthalates. Not made with natural rubber latex.
      Rigid closed-end blade guard protects against sharps injuries.
      Do not recap guard.

    • Clear Identification

      The blade size is clearly marked on blade and handle.
      Each blade is hallmarked. Packaging is bar coded
      with information in 9 languages.

    • Graduated measure

      Each handle has a graduated 6 cm. ruler (for indication only).

    • Quality materials

      ISO 7153 specification stainless steel blade.
      Premium plastic and packaging materials.

    • Packaging

      Easy clean-peel pouch packaging.
      Packaging is bar coded with information in 9 languages.